Sustained Delivery and Terminal Sterilization of Small and Large Molecules

The SNS Densomere™ Platform, developed and formulated by SNS researchers, utilizes biodegradable nano and micro carriers that require only the API, without the need for emulsifiers or other chemical additives available in most forms of present drug delivery, including injectable and implant formats. The patented Densomere Technology allows for the regulated delivery of a wide variety of drugs at high dose capacity with enhanced drug release kinetics. This is especially important in chronic disease states where long term use, dose concentrations and compliance issues are significant. Ophthalmology, oncology, inflammatory disease, neurologic and metabolic disorders and dermatology are all areas in need of controlled release. In-vitro and in-vivo studies have demonstrated biocompatibility and sustained release of small and large molecules, including the bioavailability and bioactivity of large monoclonal antibodies spanning a year following a single dose administration.

Sustained Nano Systems unique Platform Technology provides two distinct advantages:


  • The ability to regulate drug delivery over extended durations for small and large molecules following a single administration offers the advantage of less frequent dosing where multiple administrations are necessary.
  • The ability to utilize Terminal E-Beam Sterilization following manufacturing and packaging for otherwise susceptible molecules without the need for aseptic procedures can result in significant reductions in costs, time and effectiveness.

The SNS Platform is composed of the API and Biodegradable Carrier Only; Sustainable, Focal Drug Delivery


SNS engineers Particle Size, Shape, and Surface Properties through its Densomere modification process