The SNS Densomere Platform for Controlled/Extended Drug Delivery


  • Sustains and controls drug release and bioactivity of small and large molecules over extended periods following a single administration
  • Requires only the API and polymer
  • Can deliver a large variety of drugs, including monoclonal antibodies, for multiple disease states with minimal untoward response
  • Regulates drug release with resorbable microparticle carriers
  • Regulates delivery volume/drug loading
  • Regulates particle size and therefore needle gauge
  • Causes intravitreal microparticles to descend to inferior periphery (leaving visual axis undisturbed — no snow globe)
  • Requires only API and polymer
  • Reduces inflammatory response & oxygen degradation of APIs

SNS technology shows one year In-Vivo bioactivity of macromolecules following a single administration.

Using a rabbit model, studies utilizing a corneal model indicate one year bioactivity in preventing angiogenesis with Avastin, and similar in-vitro results in other macromolecules.

SNS Inhibition of Neovascularization

52 weeks post single subconjunctival injection
Rabbit corneal model with continuous resuturing

Multiple Routes of Drug Delivery





Patient self-administration

SNS Can Engineer Particle Size

To inject microparticles, the largest particles must be < 1/3 of the inner diameter of the needle

E.g., to inject with a 27-gauge needle (inner diameter is 267 µm) particle size must be < 90 µm

SNS Densomeres can be engineered from nano to micro sizes

Short-term Drug Delivery

  • 20 days in vitro release study
  • Model drug: Dexamethasone
  • Consistent effects of 1 densification level with 3 trials

165 days in Vitro Release Study

  • 20 days in vitro release study
  • Model drug: Dexamethasone
  • Varying release rates following three different Densomere levels